Studio Services

Base Hourly Rate: $60/Hour

We have a handful of the best audio engineers, designers and producers in Ottawa. If you're looking for help with a project, or to do some recording of your own, we can help!

Recording & Mixing

Professional recording of your voice or original music can take your career to the next level. Let us help you produce quality recordings for personal or professional use.

Sound Design & Composition

Our team of composers and designers have made it their profession to create some of the most dynamic and moving pieces of sound and music for Theatre, Film and more.


Let us transform your original music recording into a fully notated musical score. Our team will notate your music by ear and present you with a ‘ready to publish’ score.

Whiteboard Animation

We can create fun and entertaining ways to deliver your message using the popular technique of whiteboard animation.

Foley & ADR

High quality post-production sound effects and additional dialogue recording are available for your film production, commercial or documentary when you need it most.

Voice Training & Demo Reels

Whether you're completely new to voice acting or a seasoned professional, we want to help get you work in the industry anywhere in the world.

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